4 Iconic Casino-Themed Movies You Should Watch

Hollywood and fashion are the ideal combination; they go together like hand in glove. We are really enamored with this combination of Hollywood movie sparkle and glamour and understated casino chic. We’re exploring the fashion decisions made by the many casino-themed movies that Hollywood has produced over the years, even if some of the best stories have been told in them.

A painting carved into the realm of fashion is haute couture, and high-stakes wagering on the big screen is linked with it. Our favorite 007 himself could be seen wearing fitted three-piece suits, or they could be elegant gowns that echo the sparkle and splendor of their surroundings.

In these movies, fashion makes a powerful and alluring statement rather than just playing a certain role. These fashion-driven casino films, featuring everything from our favorite femme fatale to dashing leading men, have revolutionized the world of betting and dressing up, making it a universal norm.

  1. The Eleventh Ocean
    A summary of casinos and fashion wouldn’t be complete without an Ocean’s movie included. When it was released in 2001, Ocean’s Eleven came in at number five on the list of all-time top grossing movies. It’s glamorous as well as exciting, and the inclusion of the biggest names from blockbusters is what put it at the top of our list.

In this notorious movie, a number of celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney, are all decked up in designer clothing. In contrast to Ocean 8, when the glamorous female leads stole the show, Ocean’s Eleven features men at the forefront of fashion. The eleven experienced thieves are dressed to impress as they carry out a ridiculous theft at three of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas.

Rusty (Brad Pitt) appears in the movie’s last scene wearing a two-piece cream outfit that includes a tailored snakeskin cream shirt with huge point collars and, get ready for this… matching snakeskin boots. This might be the cherry on top of an already spectacular movie, but George Clooney had to really go above and above by dressing like him in a three-piece black tuxedo. How classy!

  1. 21 (2008)
    A blog about casinos wouldn’t be the same without the well-known 2008 true-story film 21. As the name implies, it tells the story of six MIT students who train to become great card counters in real life. The movie opens with Ben, the main character, being convinced to join an elusive club of five other students by his MIT math professor.

This group of math professionals was chosen because the professor was correct when he said that they would be very skilled at card counting in blackjack. Ben decides to join the squad and they travel to Las Vegas in an attempt to defeat the house on a quest to pay off his onerous school expenses. They had to get the hang of applying tags, like +1, 0 and -1, to cards according to their value in order to accomplish this. They would add or deduct as each card moved across the table in order to get a “running count” of the remaining tags.

They’d wager more when the count was positive, which indicated that there were still high value cards. They would wager less when it was negative, which indicates that there were still more poor cards. Even though counting looks easy, it takes a lot of practice to do it quickly and properly, and the pupils appeared to have mastered the skill.

Eventually, even their wardrobe choices changed dramatically as they transformed from common math students wearing hoodies and jerseys to dapper gentlemen dressed in black ties who are determined to win big. Their ability to keep poker face between the team at the table and their deft card counting skills let them to make millions at a time. When players start acting avaricious, the film takes a dark turn. Nevertheless, the action and suspense make it well worth seeing.

  1. Royal Casino
    We’re relieved that Bond’s retirement was forced, if only for the streets of Montenegro. The story of Casino Royale revolved around 007’s need to beat a private banker in a game of poker at the appropriately titled Casino Royale, which was home to the affluent and famous.

Bond’s aim to succeed in the world of gambling and casinos is to defeat the terrorist-terrorist banker. Since 91 Club it’s a Bond movie, you may anticipate his female co-stars to radiate a golden gloss. Although Bond is frequently seen wearing the iconic three-piece suit and bow tie, his female companions are always immaculately attired.

Given that women get to wear their nicest cocktail dresses or floor-length gowns and, most of the time, a tastefully chosen mask, there’s a reason why people hold “casino royale” themed parties. The female companion of James Bond is impeccably styled, from Cavalli to Alexander McQueen. Vespa Lynd enters the casino wearing the Robert Cavalli dark purple dress with a plunging V neckline after receiving a gown as a gift from James Bond. Like all Bond women, she’s prepared to impress.

  1. The Games of Molly
    You wouldn’t think that a movie starring Michael Cera and fashion would go hand in hand, yet here we are. In Molly’s Games, Jessica Chastain plays Molly, who hosts a high-stakes poker game for celebrities and the rich. Later, though, she gets into difficulty when the FBI shows interest in her personal history.

Molly’s Games takes a distinct approach from other gambling-themed movies in that it is told from her point of view in two separate time zones: the present, when she speaks with her lawyer, and the past, when she plays her games. She finds herself hosting high-stakes gamblers, including celebrity and members of the mafia, who are all out to get her money. What’s most interesting is the depths she would go to in terms of dress, as she still wore elaborate cocktail dresses and gowns for these poker parties.

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